Hey guys! I hope you had an excelent  V Days weekend :) I'm so excited to show you my new haircut, I never done this hairstyle before and I love it! I always think my hair is a complete mess, and after dye it months ago, got worst! But the beautiful thing is that hair grows again and you can have fun with it. This time the weather in Mexico city went crazy, (rain showers and freaking cold), perfect to wear my True Religion trench coat that I love. 
Enjoy! Cheers!

Photo Credit: Sam Quezada
What I'm wearing: Trench coat: True Religion / Tshirt: F21/ Jeans: H&M / Boots: Topman



  1. Your new haircut looks great! It looks neat but stylish at the same time. I really admire guys who put effort on having a good hairstyle. Thanks for sharing that. All the best to you!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

  2. I really love your new haircut, and I wish I could get my boyfriend to try something like that. I looks sophisticated and neat, but it also shows you're confident in who you are. Matched with your coat, you look like you're ready for whatever the world will throw at your next. This is a great look for you, and I hope it inspires others.


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